Writing Because I Can’t Not Write

It’s never been easier to write than it is today. Right this moment, I’m writing on my phone, because that is what’s convenient. I’m remarkably quick with typing on this glass panel… nearly as fast as I am when I’m writing on a keyboard. And this always connected device enables me to find appropriate key art and publish to the world, whenever I’m ready.

It’s also never been easier to make your work vanish. I have been timid about writing anything related to my given professional field, for fear of writing something that is not in lock-step with the industry I’m supporting. Given that, I buried 60 articles I had written from 2016 to 2019, concerned that somebody – in some corner of the industry – might be offended that I’m not a fan of loot boxes and premium bundles. But should I have such concerns? I’m not a critic of my field; I LOVE video games, and want to revel in the art form. But when you love an art form, you grasp its strengths and weaknesses, and you want the best for it… so you will inevitably be prone to stand up for its best version. And by extension, that means you won’t advocate for things that damage the art form… even if those things have become economic best practices. A true fan innately advocates for the customer, not the publisher. So, given that, I’ve chosen to open those posts back up.

I anticipate that I will be the only person bothering to browse those old posts, anyway. But I’m proud of them. Some are better than others. But each took time to craft, and I think each represents time well spent.

I’m proud of my professional work, too. I worked hard to get where I am, I’m learning every day, and I work with brilliant people to help make gaming better. I don’t have to do use monetary dark patterns, which is essential to me now. And I have written posts for my work that’s reached tens of thousands of people.

But that work, proud as a I am of it, is in my company’s voice, not my own. They own the content, not me. And that’s totally fine. But I have come to recognize that I need my own voice. I won’t press it hard. I have no social media anymore, so I won’t be driving anybody to this page. It will be effectively invisible. But it will exist, and it’s mine. I will continue to own these words and these pages, no matter where I work, or where I go.

I put my personal writing completely on pause for four years. That was a mistake… one I hope never to repeat again. Because I can’t not write. This page will be home to old work others might have deleted. It will be on a mix of topics. Mostly games, but not limited to games. Some of the posts will be labored over, researched, full of new content. Others – like this one – will be free form, written quickly to capture my current thoughts.

I need to write every day. I need to improve my skills, step by step. I would like to say that my craft is writing. But I can only do that if I’m actually writing on a daily basis (or as close to that as possible).

So if somehow you’ve stumbled upon this little journey of mine, welcome! I’m glad you stopped by. Drop a note if you’d like. If you’re back from following me years ago, thanks for checking in. I am planning to keep this going… with multiple posts a week, culled from a daily habit of writing.


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